At the end of October, two girls sat in Doffy’s Tea Room, the smell of teacakes filling the air as the chatter bounced off the cutlery. We were to be filming the tea room and street scenes for “Nobody” – a short film about loneliness and friendship, starring Emily Speller and Maddie Winchester.

The day flowed easily and before long the session was over, and all the scenes from our Haverhill shoot were completed. Not too long afterwards, on a cold afternoon in November, we filmed the opening scene in Hundon. With the team already busy with other productions, work on Nobody slowed over the festive period, but eagerly sprang back into action in January as we recorded the Narration and pieced together the visuals. With a hauntingly beautiful song by the effortlessly talented Elfie Martin leading the film out the door, we were ready to share Nobody with the world.

Nobody was written and directed by Jai Kobayaashi Gomer © 2017 Radical Arts Theatre School

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