End of Term Showcase

March saw our End of Term Showcase, and as this last term has been mainly focused on green screen and acting for screen work, we decided to host the showcase as a Cinema Night, with premiere screenings of our latest projects as well as few old favourites.

Time For Murder began life as a story created as part of a joint project headed by Eden ‘Ed’ Herd and Mia ‘Minion’ Jackson. It took a few twists and turns along the way, but the Rats came together to create a masterpiece which offers a fascinating insight into the dastardly mind of an evil genius who has the means and the motive to commit murders across centuries of Time…

Although the Rats have used green screen techniques in previous projects, this was their first project acting in front of a green-screen. There was also plenty of opportunity to be part of the tech crew, and the boom-mic operator spot was never left empty for long!

The second main event of the night came about because of a request from Ava ‘Hashtag’ Herd, who wanted the group to perform something from Blackadder. We settled on a scene from Blackadder II – ‘Potato’, and with some nifty  costumes (including ruffs made by Hashtag), and a little green-screen, we were able to create – in just one 2-hour Monday session – an Elizabethan adventure to knock your socks off!

We claim no ownership of copyright for the Blackadder scene, and bow down to the genius of Ben Elton and Richard Curtis, along with the original cast who entertained and inspired so many.

We also screened a little rhythm magic with a Cups routine featuring Hashtag and Mabelline called “1 + 1 = 3” :

…and what cinema night would be complete without a little peek at some outakes and general Monday Madness with our Mad Monday Mash-Up!!! :

If you’d like to catch up on some of our old favourites, please visit our RATS YouTube Channel and feel free to hit the ‘subscribe’ and ‘like’ buttons…

The Summer term will see our Rats working on their next big stage production, a musical, to be performed in July. Stay tuned for more (randomly timed) news… 

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