About RATS

Radical Arts Theatre School is a place to discover and explore the many aspects of creative theatre.

As a theatre school our first project was RATS in the Belfrya course for 8 – 13 year olds, enabling them to explore the many facets of creating and performing in works for stage and screen which took place over the Summer of 2016.

Our second project was hosting the Hundon Community Production of ‘Rats upon A Time…‘, which was performed on the 10th September by an enthusiastic and talented young cast.

Such was the response from the local community that we decided to host weekly sessions,  offering 8-13 years olds the chance to explore the world of stage and screen (and everything inbetween).

In October, we created ‘The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!‘, which was rehearsed and performed over the October 2016 half-term break. The same week saw the first filming session for ‘Nobody,’ a short film, which was completed in January 2017.

The Monday RATS sessions saw everything from stop-frame to greenscreen, boomwhackers and cups to sword-fighting and sticks… with some of the craziest ideas come from the young Rats themselves, as they developed their own personal projects. The first of these student conceived and directed projects was ‘The Santa Snatcher’, which was performed December 2016; followed by ‘Time for Murder‘, a screen-play conceived by two of our students, which was first shown during the Spring Cinema Showcase Night along with a host of screen-based projects, including a scene from ‘Blackadder II (Potato)‘.

The Summer 2017 term returned to stage work as we prepared for our July musical production : ‘One Of Our Dwarfs Is Missing!

On a Friday afternoon in late October 2017, after a quick session of vocal recording, we gathered in the local graveyard to film a music video for the Halloween Jive.

RATS also creates original works and creative learning resources which we offer for free, for non-profit and educational uses. Please click here to visit the Resources page.

All RATS staff members hold a recent DBS enhanced certificate, which can be provided at the request of a parent or guardian.

Jai Kobayaashi Gomer
Jai has spent much of the past ten years working as an actor and support artist in film and television [including tv series such as Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, Casualty, Being Human, Merlin, and more, and films such as Nightwatching, Wrath of the Titans, and Killer Elite to name a few].
Jai recently attended the Cambridge TV School, adding new dimensions to his filming skills. Other skills in which he has received training include sword-fighting, and the use of firearms in television and film.
A keen writer, Jai recently co-wrote the musical ‘Rats Upon A Time’ and  followed it up with ‘The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!‘ and ‘One Of Our Dwarfs Is Missing!‘. Jai also creates original puzzles such as ‘Sujiko’ and ‘Suko’ for national newspapers.

Gillie Robson
A graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Gillie has been active in the musical world for over 30 years, with over 20 years of teaching experience, both privately and in institutions of higher and further education, and is an advocate for free and controlled creative expression.
Gillie is a published artist, author, and composer, and has had musical works performed internationally. Professionally trained from a young age on Harp, Piano, and Violin, Gillie has a passion for improvisation and performance art, and delights in discovering the sounds/music/language of random objects and places. She studied Music Technology at the Royal Welsh College, specialising in sound creation and audio manipulation, before going on to compose and perform electro-acoustic soundscapes as Sonic Hybrid.
Recent RATS projects include composing the music (and creating costumes) for ‘Rats Upon A Time’, first performed in July 2016, and ‘The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!‘, first performed in October 2016, and ‘One Of Our Dwarfs Is Missing!‘ first performed in July 2017.