The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!

tghpe-flyer1-800Featuring Hades, a cast of the dead, a grotesque Jack-in-the-box, a skeletal panto horse and a living girl, this is a panto within a play, set in the depths of the Underworld…

Written in late September 2016, by Jai Kobayaashi Gomer and Gillie Robson, the first production was with RATS, in Hundon, with a young cast of 6-12 year olds.
“The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!” was rehearsed and performed during just one week – the final week of October 2016.

Eternity is a very, very, very long time… and Hades is bored! The Denizens of the Underworld must put on a pantomime to amuse Hades. However, things quickly take an unexpected turn when they come across a tin of Magic Beans. Surely nothing living can grow in the Underworld… can it…?  what have we done? what have we done?  oh, what will he do…?

If you would like to put on your own production of ‘The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!’ please get in touch with RATS.

Synopsis of ‘The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!’

Hades is bored…

Life in the Underworld isn’t what it once was, and the Lord of Eternal Darkness needs to be entertained. He summons the poor wretches who inhabit this dark place – the Denizens of the Underworld – and demands that they perform for him ‘The Greatest Pantomime That The Underworld Has Ever Seen!’

Terrified for their ever-dead souls, the Denizens scurry to assemble a production capable of sating the appetite of their eternal master.

Unfortunately, all does not go according to what little plan they had, and a mixture of calamity and curiosity causes them to bring into the Underworld the one thing which they know will draw down the wrath of Hades down upon them all – into the depths of darkness, they bring a living Girl!.

Compelled by fear, the Denizens attempt to hide the very existence of Life in the Underworld, while performing an on-the-fly pantomime to both entertain and distract Lord Hades.

Starring the ugliest cow ever, a porridge-loving Jack and some abominable singing, this pantomime is destined to become the strangest thing that the Underworld has ever seen…

Songs from ‘The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!’

Eternity – Hades / The Denizens
What Have We Done? – The Denizens
What A Strange Place – The Living Girl
O, Cow Of Mine! – Norris / Jack
Porridge! – Boris / Smelly Old Tramp
Alive! – All Of The Living Children
Glory Days – Horace / Narrator
Halloween Jive! – All

If you would like to put on your own production of ‘The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!’ please get in touch with RATS.

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