One Of Our Dwarfs Is Missing!A disgruntled Witch plays a trick on a group of Dwarfs, leading them to discover something they didn’t realise they were missing…


The Greatest Halloween Panto Ever!  (not boasting, that’s just what it’s called!) took place over October half-term, with the performance on 29th October 2016…

Rats Upon A Time… : a musical for little rodents, written by Gillie and Jai (RATS).


‘Rats Upon A Time…’ is a story about a story, and is filled with the magic which comes when a Piper plays a tune, enchanting Rats to sleep whilst weaving tales through their dreams… featuring singing, dancing rats, a wizard AND a sorcerer, a cat, a bear, the brother trolls, a dragon and much more. ‘Rats Upon A Time…’  was first performed by the LMA Juniors in Bury St. Edmunds in July 2016.

The following month, a mischief of rats (13 to be precise) were treading the boards in Hundon Village Hall, preparing for another production of ‘Rats Upon A Time…’
Rehearsals for the Hundon Community Production of ‘Rats Upon A Time…’ took place during August, with an evening performance on Saturday 10th September 2016.

Owing to a few lighting and camera gremlins, we sadly do not have video footage for the entire show. We hope you enjoy the scenes found in the following playlist :

We (RATS) will take photos and videos of the rehearsals (and performances) of our productions and these will be used by RATS as promotional material. Students and Parents/Guardians can request to view our material at any time.